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Counselling looks at our immediate issues in the here and now, whereas psychotherapy explores how our past informs our present, and how we repeat old familiar patterns even if they no longer work for us. 

Psychotherapy works best with regular weekly sessions and I will create a safe, confidential space for us to explore your inner world. You will discover how you interact with others and the world around you and uncover and understand your difficulties in your life and relationships.


I work with Transactional Analysis which is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and change. We will create a contract for you to make the changes you want, and we will work together to achieve them. Psychotherapy can be uncomfortable or challenging at times but it can also provide a pathway for you to transform your life and your relationships.

£55 per session



All relationships are co-created. Our backstory informs how we relate to our partners. Relationships move through different stages and it is common for these natural changes to create difficulties. We may feel stuck in the same recurring arguments or that we have lost our connection to each other and we cannot find our way back.

Couples therapy is an impartial space for you both to understand what is causing the problem and to both make changes. It is a space to explore your relationship dynamic and work through the difficulties by learning new ways to communicate to get your relationship back on track. 

I offer a Transactional Analysis based 12-week programme of work for couples to complete.  I will highlight patterns and show you new models to practise at home.

£70 per session



Relationships can be complicated and sometimes scary. We may not know how to hold onto ourselves; how to stop emotionally caretaking others; how to recognise our own needs and ask for those needs to be met. We may even believe we can fix our relationships if we can just keep working harder.
Psychotherapy groups provide a microcosm of the outside world. They can provide opportunities for us to recognise and experience relationship dynamics that individual therapy cannot. We can revisit these dynamics in a contained space and learn and practise new ways to interact with the support of a therapist. 
Weekly psychotherapy groups run for 2 hours and have between 4 and 6 members, they work much like individual therapy but with feedback invited from the other group members. The regular identification of patterns and processes between all group members’ work, whatever the content, can be a source of both great relief and support.
Individual therapy with me is a pre-requisite to joining a group, as is a commitment to stay in the group for a minimum of 6 months, this ensures we have a strong therapeutic alliance and the ongoing stability of the group.

Group times: 
Tuesdays  18:30  -  20:30

£35 per group session

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